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Discreet Shipping

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What to ship a package confidentially ?

Discreet shipping refers to when packages are shipped in a way that it is difficult or impossible to know what the package contains. This is achieved by vague, ambiguous, or generic packaging, which often takes the form of a plain brown box with no brand markings or product images. It is a thoughtful service that gives the shipper privacy which he/she deserves.

When you order from All Over Piercings, we'll make sure to package your items safely so they arrive to you in good condition. For international shipping, we use carton boxes and padded envelopes to ensure that your product is handled with the utmost care while in transit. Of course, if you prefer more discreet packaging, that is always an option! This choice is available during the ordering process, however we'll go over our packing material in more detail below.



Packages discreetly

How It Works

We recognize that not everyone needs to know where you buy your fantastic goods. As a result, we provide the option of having your goods packaged in a neutral, inconspicuous manner. Simply select 'discrete packing' during the checkout process, and we'll handle the rest. Your order will be shipped in a plain carton box or padded envelope with no logos or our firm name on it. The address label is the same as it is for all of our shipments: plain and neutral, with only your address and our address, no logos, and no mention of our organization. Padded envelopes will be used to pack smaller orders. There's nothing fancy on the surface, simply a label with your shipping address and a sender's address (that's us). Envelopes fit into most standard mailbox slots, making delivery simple and eliminating the need to be present at the time of delivery. PACKAGE Orders with goods that would not fit through a conventional mailbox slot will be shipped in one of our incredibly cool All Over Piercings boxes! On the outside, we have our emblem and company name, as well as an address label with your address and the sender's address. Of course, these boxes will aid in the preservation of your ordered items, but they also look pretty dang amazing.

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